The Best Apps For 2015

Mobile applications are incredibly popular; people are always looking for apps that make life easier or provide entertainment. Currently, there are many great mobile apps on the market – naturally, some are better than others. So, which are the best apps for 2015? Read on to find out! The best news app is LinkedIn Pulse. This handy app organises your favourite news feeds into an easy-to-use, grid-style interface. Essentially, it’s a custom-feed of all your favourite news sites and topics. It’s available across iOS and Android platforms. For fitness fanatics, the best fitness app is MyFitnessPal. With more than 350 exercise suggestions and plenty of nutritional information, this app not only provides you with the information you need – it also motivates you. Set goals, connect with friends and track your progress – getting fit has never been easier! Having trouble finding fitness-related contact app development company? This is the app for you! This app is not only available on iOS and Android – it’s available on Windows and BlackBerry as well.The best music app is undoubtedly Spotify. Whether you’re looking for an international pop artist or an obscure indie-garage rock act (DZ Deathrays anyone?) you’ll find what you’re looking for with this app. The basic version is free, however it is interrupted with advertisements. For just $9.99 a month, you can upgrade to the unrestricted premium version – which allows you to do away with annoying smart phone marketing! This app is available in iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.If you love a good movie, the best movie and TV app is Netflix. A very popular streaming service that’s now available here in Australia, Netflix gives you unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows. The app streams live to your mobile – and you can watch programs on your TV, laptop or tablet. At $7.99 a month, it’s available on iOS, Android and Windows.Do you have trouble remembering things? The best note taking app is Evernote. Take notes, record sound directly to the app, or save images of documents – it just makes it easy to get organised. Notes can be edited on any device – whether it be your mobile, tablet or laptop. You can tell than an IOS developers in Gold Coast has had some serious input here; the iOS 7 version features a streamline new look, as well as a ‘create note’ button on every page. It’s fantastic for students or workers who use their iPads at school or in the workplace! This app is available on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.Mobiles get viruses too. The best security app is the Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus app. Designed specifically for Android, this app keeps your phone safe and secure at all times – there’s no need to worry about malware. Easy to use, this app also allows you to back up data in the cloud.The options are endlessThere really is an endless array of apps to choose from – in fact, the app marketplace is well and truly saturated. Users are spoilt for choice in 2015, and therefore there’s sure to be an app out there that’ll solve your problem!